Steven F. Macek, Esq., Medium


In February, 2010, I visited a medium who looked straight at me and said, "Do you know you have abilities?"


I had no idea what she was talking about. I thought to myself, I'm an attorney, not a medium.   However, I was very excited and interested. I lost my father at a very young age but was always able to communicate with him while growing up.  I now realize that when I was asked that question, the "switch" was turned on for me.


Things started happening. Our doorbell had been broken for several months, and we would hear a computerized voice saying "Install Cover," anytime someone rang the bell. On the day of my birthday in June, someone rang the doorbell, but instead of hearing the computerized voice, I heard the song "Happy Birthday" playing. I knew immediately it was Spirit. The next day, the computerized voice was back! Countless experiences like that began occurring.  Now that I was open, Spirit could communicate with me.   


Shortly after, I completed a sixteen-week mediumship course. I learned so much, and finally received clarification on what was happening to me.  I also sharpened my abilities. The progress felt unreal. I also learned that my grandmother had been an incredible medium. This was something I had never known. 


I have been performing professional readings ever since, and it has changed my world. Communicating with Spirit and relaying beautiful messages to people has given me feelings I have never experienced in my life. I plan to continue learning and growing this ability. Recently, I also completed an eighteen-week training course in Clairvoyance. It is amazing! My life changed in February 2010, and I would not trade anything for this magical new world.



Certified Medium

Certified Clairvoyant

Certified Akashic Records Reader

Certified Spirit Attachment Practitioner

Certified in the Psychic 10 Program

Reiki Master


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