Hey Steven,

Just touching base to thank you for your connection to Spirit. The first reading we had was good, but this last was spot on. I had no expectations going in, but the messages were very clear and the reading very affirming. I could have stayed on the phone with you for another hour just talking. Thanks again!"



"The most uplifting impromptu spiritual healing experience I have ever had in my life!"



"It was so incredibly amazing. I just can't stop thinking about it! You are really able to impact people's lives in a tremendous way. I enjoyed every moment. I am just stunned at your ability and the special gift you have been given. Thanks so much for making my birthday so special!!"



"I had only been to one medium prior to my reading with Steven.  Words cannot describe how incredible of an experience I had as a result of his gift. Almost immediately, my brother came through and gave me several signs, in which I knew 100% that I was indeed visited by my Michael. There was absolutely no mistaking that my mother was there as well. The signs/validations were so spot on it gave me chills.  I have not stopped smiling about what a wonderful experience this was and I can't recommend the man/medium highly enough. Thank you Steven...you've given me so much peace and relief. I am blessed to have found you!”  



"Went to one of Steven's readings last night in Milford. I'd say it was fun, emotional, interesting, with a few laughs - and very spot on. I would most definitely recommend him to others."



"Steven, it was wonderful to meet you last night. You have an amazing gift and an ability to bring peace and contentment to so many people who are grieving the loss of a loved one. I've been to a few psychic mediums, but you're very different. You seem to genuinely care about each person present. You focus on them and take your time to give them the message they need to hear. It was uplifting to meet you."



"Completely amazing. The things that Steven knew! I could not believe so many people whom I think about daily are here with me. He made me realize that just because they are not here physically, they can still be still here. Incredible. That is all I can say."



"This Guy! One word: AMAZING!!!!! I was the lucky recipient of a free reading by Steven. When I arrived, I was greeted by his warm smile and bubbly personality. Steven was a most gracious host. He could not have been more down to earth or welcoming. It became evident that Spirit had been chatting him up even before I arrived for our session, because his note pad had scribbles/notations on it. I was read for well over an hour. So much was said.....so many validations.....personal references that no one else can know. I know in my heart my dad and grandmothers are watching over me. Their personalities were captured in the way he spoke of them. My dad, who has passed, orchestrated this whole connection. The whole point of this was for me to know that he is with me. He is watching over me and those that are connected to me. My dad came through in a way that provided an overwhelming number of validations, which left no doubt that our loved ones never really leave our side. I am now full of hope, love and appreciation for all that I have and I truly believe that love never dies. Steven proved that to me and I am forever grateful for his beautiful gift. Steven, thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart!! You are inspiring, thoughtful, kind and so very much appreciated. I am so blessed to have met you! XO."



"Steven, I'm still in awe of how the spirits totally orchestrated my finding you, and the amazing reading you gave us. I've listened to the reading a few times now and feel there's so much more to be said and heard. Thank you so much! Wonderful to meet you and so very thankful to you for sharing your gift. I will be seeing you again soon."



"Steven, thank you so much for your reading last week. All I can say is OMG...what an amazing gift you have!! My reading was phenomenal!! I would love to sit for a reading with you again! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!"



"Thank you for the amazing reading over the weekend. Losing my dad last year has been tough. You brought him through, as well as both Grandmas on the other side. Having felt so alone, connecting with them helped a lot. All three telling me, "You are not alone." Brought all my emotions to the forefront. It's taken me a few days to take it all in. I feel I needed this reading to move on with my life. It is still a tough loss and always will be, but I'm glad my dad is at peace."



"Steven, thank you again for sharing your time and gift with us last week. I've always known our father is always near, but often wondered if we still make him proud. This experience has brought my sisters and I closer (if that's even possible). I'm also listening more closely to my daughter's stories, and not immediately passing them off as a child's imagination."



"I have had quite a few readings from Steven. Every time, a different loved one came through. Each time, Steven has been spot on with information and has shocked me. To receive a gift like this is truly a blessing and I cannot thank Steven enough for validating that my loved ones are really watching over us. That makes my heart smile."



"I had a quick reading done while I was at my work. I feel it was totally meant to be. Everything that was said was spot on. I will hold on to this in my heart forever. It meant so much to me. My grandfather has passed and I never had a proper goodbye or even a perfect relationship, so this has helped me to be able to move forward. I can never stop thinking of my Grandpa now. I have Steven to thank."



"Hey there,    

My name is Tiffanee and you actually came up to me at Walmart and gave me a message for my dad, from my sister who had recently passed over. I just wanted to let you know that the message I gave to my father meant everything to us. He was beating himself up about not being able to attend her service. He thought she would be mad at him. You have given my father peace and comfort when I could not, and I am eternally grateful. 'Thank you' isn't even enough, but it's all I can say."



"Good morning Steven,

Sorry it has taken me a while to pen this email. We have been absorbing all the amazing things you transferred to us.
 We can't thank you enough for you the light you brought to us, and the peace in our hearts. You gave us closure for so many open ends that had left us paralyzed.
 On August 11th, we did let Gracie go in peace. Knowing there were so many loving hands waiting for her was so comforting. We still miss her so much, but we know she is happy and pain-free again.
 Chatting with Mom, Dad, Jean, Joy and Gracie's sister is a blessing. I cannot thank you enough! The loss of our loved ones is still sad and we miss them all the time, but the peace you gave us brings such joy. You have an incredible sensitivity that most are not blessed with. Your connection to all life and the afterlife, and your dedication to bringing the two together, are gifts to all who know you.
 Bless you, dear friend."

Sharon, Carlo and Gracie


"StevenI just wanted to thank you for the reading. I've been struggling with the passing of my mother and last night finally gave me the closure I needed to move on.

There were some things that you could not have known about and that's the validation I needed to believe that my mother was with us.




"Steven, I can't express how much I appreciated the wonderful reading you gave me the other night. Because I've known you for several years, I really didn't know if you would say anything during the session beyond what you already know about me. But in the very first line, I was positive that you had a gift. What you shared with me about my son Charles was only known by me and brought me to tears immediately. I am so blessed to have had this experience with you and I am so happy to know that my son is still with me. I shared it with my sister Lisa and she was truly amazed. We both miss Charles and knowing that he's around us gives us peace. You have this amazing gift that I envy, and I'm glad you are sharing it with everyone."


"Yesterday I had my first reading with Steven. Four of my family members in spirit came to visit. Steven was able to get plenty of verification, leaving no doubt in my mind who they were. It is so comforting and reassuring to know that our loved ones truly do continue to watch over us, celebrate or grieve with us, and love us. Thank you, Steven, for a wonderful experience. I will be telling people about you!! Blessings and peace!"


"Dear Steven,

Thank you so much for connecting me to my father last night. I'm so thankful we were able to meet and reconnect with the other side. Who knew that my night would be so wonderful!! I so love my Dad and now I know for sure he is with me all the time. Thanks you thank you thank you!!!"



"Steven came into my workplace earlier this week. As he was leaving, I ran into him in the hallway. He asked me questions about my mom, like if the anniversary of her passing or her birthday were recent. I told him that the anniversary had been the day prior. He asked me if someone was having car trouble and I told him that I had been. He then proceeded to ask if I had written a letter of some kind to my mother. He told me that she had read it. Now, what he couldn't have known was that the night she passed away, I wrote her an email telling her that I loved and missed her and that I didn't want to fight anymore. She never got the chance to read it. This blew me away. For 7 years, I wondered how she felt. Now I have the answer. A huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. Thank you so much, Steven. You will never know what you've done for me and my sisters. Thank you."


"Hello! Just wanted to stop by and share my experience with Steven Macek. After my mom passed away 2 years ago, I had a lot of questions. Steven came to my home and read me and my boyfriend. I have to say, I was absolutely amazed by what he told me. When he left my house that day, I felt so amazing! Steven said that my mom was wondering about a piece of jewelry, and I knew right off bat that it was a necklace. When I packed up her things, I put it somewhere, but I haven't been able to find it since then. Steven said she was showing him a box-like item, and that the necklace was at the bottom of it. I searched for 3 days. I finally said, "It'll come to me, I'm looking too hard." Today, my boyfriend and I were straightening up my house and he happened to look in a little box that was inside of another box and my mom's necklace was in there! He gave me hope and answered a lot of my questions. I will see Steven as often as I can!!"



"How many characters does Facebook allow? I truly hope it is a lot. However, I will try to keep this brief. That would be sarcasm! Steven, please allow me to first say that the time I spent with you was enlightening. I am a deeply spiritual person, but “mediums” are not my thang.
 We all see the Hollywood perception of “mediums.” They are hokie, at best.
 You are different. If anyone is expecting the Long Island Medium, they will be terribly disappointed - in the most amazing way.
 You had no preconceived notions going into my session, but I did. And I was wrong.
 We had a real conversation. You presented messages and signs that only I could interpret. But they were astonishingly significant signs and messages that you could not have known. No matter how much research anyone could possibly do on me, you could not have known these things. And you never pretended to know the importance of these messages. You merely presented them. And they were true. And they were real. And they were incredibly comforting to me. I learned that some people whom I thought I had lost forever are still with me. Supporting me.
 I cannot thank you enough for the time you gave me. This has altered my path. And I am grateful."



"I am still in shock and awe at the gift Steven gave me by helping my mom communicate with me. I still get chills and overwhelming feelings of happiness and comfort thinking about it.  Although I want to shout from the rooftops right now, I'm keeping my time with my mom just between me, Steven and Elix. I still want to treasure and keep that time close to my heart.  Words simply cannot express the gratitude and overwhelming joy that I experienced from being with Steven. He has been truly blessed with a gift."


"Steven, I can't begin to find the words to express my appreciation for what you did for me. You are truly gifted and I feel so blessed to have you bring my mother to me, and to know she is happy and is with me.  So on this special Mother's Day, a very big Thank You!"



"Steven, I just needed to send you a little note of thanks. Your words and your gift gave me more than you could ever know.  I can only imagine what it is like to be you. Thank you for taking time out of your day to share that information with me.  My thoughts and prayers are with you, for all you bring to other people. Thanks again."



"Steven, it is always a pleasure to talk with you. You are such a beautiful soul! And today, it really, really showed. You have no idea how happy I was when you talked to and about my sister. It validated what I already knew. I knew she was with me, and is with me all the time. The reference to pennies brought it home for me. I told you that every time I make a home visit, I find a penny. You validated that. Thank you so much! I went to my mom's home and I told her about what you had said. She was in tears. Again, thank you and many blessings to you. Keep growing this beautiful connection/gift. I will check out the website I will let you know. Gracias."



"Dear Steven, more like angels than a hot air balloon, your gift and your work have lifted me up in my life, and particularly upon this recent path along the journey. I am tearful with awe and appreciation for the depth and beauty involved in what you do, and what you generously and sincerely offered and accomplished for me. It is one of the most precious gifts I have ever been blessed to receive. I see it and hold it, of course, as sacred. Thank you from the deepest part of my heart and soul, Steven, for entering this profoundly sacred, beautiful, mystical space and assisting me to do the same."


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